AutoCAD expert's Visual LISP Source Code

The source code for the example functions proposed in the different chapters along with the DCL code files and the OpenDCL project can be downloaded from this page. An acaddoc.lsp file for the automatic loading of some of the programs is also included. All this is contained in the compressed file Visual LISP This code should be unzipped to disk without modifying the folder structure.
Once this is done, the Visual LISP Projects folder should be added to AutoCAD's Support files search paths. This way for every new drawing the code contained in this folder's acaddoc.lsp file will be executed, automatically loading the utility functions that are used in the different example programs.

This book's code has been tested for compatibility with AutoCAD 2019. Starting with Release 2014, custom applications like those developed in this book must work under secure mode. Secure mode is enabled when the new system variable SECURELOAD is set to 1 or 2. When operating under secure mode loading of applications is restricted to files contained in trusted locations. These trusted locations are specified by the TRUSTEDPATHS system variable. So besides including the Visual LISP Projects folder in the Support Files Search Paths list, it must be also included in the Trusted Locations list of the Files tab in the Options dialog box. This must also be done for other folders like the Chapters, Numera, Utility, Parametric, TextScale and XLayer/FAS folders and for any others that will contain executable code. For additional security these folders should have the Read-Only status.

To execute the programs for a certain chapter the source code for that chapter must be loaded previously. The source code for the different chapters is included in the Chapters folder. The LSP code files for the different Chapters is available in the following links.

LISP Source Code:

Chapter 2.lsp Chapter 16.lsp
Chapter 5.lspChapter 17.lsp
Chapter 6.lsp Chapter 18.lsp
Chapter 7.lspChapter 19.lsp.
Chapter 8.lspChapter 20.lsp
Chapter 10.lspChapter 21.lsp
Chapter 11.lspChapter 22.lsp
Chapter 12.lspChapter 23.lsp
Chapter 13.lspChapter 24.lsp
Chapter 14.lspChapter 25.lsp.
Chapter 15.lsp Chapter 27.lsp.

 DCL Source code:


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