Part 2. The Language and its Development Environment

This is a book that addresses a wide range of readers, from those without expertise in programming to those who, skilled in AutoLISP programming seek information about how profit in their work from the new features that Visual LISP has been adding to AutoCAD since release 2000. In this part of the book we intend to describe the language’s fundamental principles, not the detailed syntax of each of each of the functions used or the programming methodology.
This part of the book includes the essential information needed to program with Visual LISP. This information relates primarily to the operation of the two most frequently used tools in the Visual LISP Integrated Development Environment: the Console and the Editor. We will use these two tools in learning the programming language.
To reaching this goal the following Chapters are devoted:
Chapter 3. The Visual LISP IDE.
Chapter 4. Evaluating Expressions.
Chapter 5. User-defined Functions.
Chapter 6. ActiveX Data and Structures.
Chapter 7. Data Entry.
Chapter 8. File Operations.
Chapter 9. Debugging Visual LISP Code.

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